Is LASIK Surgery Right For You?

If you are dealing with vision problems and you are wondering whether or not you are a candidate for LASIK, you are not alone. LASIK has become a popular option for those that are looking to correct vision issues. Due to the procedure being very safe and due to it having a high success rate, it is easy to see why it has become so desirable. Below, we will be going over what you should consider when you are thinking about getting it done yourself.

Things You Should Consider To Figure Out If It’s Right For You:

1. Are Your Eyes Healthy?

One of the things that you will need to determine prior to deciding to get this surgery would be the overall health of your eyes. Your eye health is key to determining whether or not you are a suitable candidate for LASIK in the first place. You will be asked questions about your eye health and if you have a specific eye disorder or eye disease, you will likely not be a good candidate for corrective eye surgery. This is true if you suffer from a variety of things including but not limited to cataracts, glaucoma, or even significant eye injuries. Learn more at

2. Are You Healthy?

Another major thing that you will want to factor into your decision is whether or not your general health is where it needs to be to make the surgery a likely successful one. While the surgery itself has a good success record, if you have general health problems, it could result in an increased risk for complications. These health problems range from diabetes to having a disease that negatively impacts your immune system.

3. How Old Are You?

Another thing that you are going to want to consider when you are looking to figure out if you are a good candidate for corrective eye surgery would be your age. If your vision is going to go through significant changes due to being younger than 18, you will not be a candidate for corrective eye surgery. You must be over the age of 18 and it is generally recommended to be over the age of 21 to even consider it.

4. Are You Tired Of Wearing Glasses or Contacts?

If you have been wearing glasses or contacts for a long time and you are simply looking to avoid having to wear them to correct your vision, you are likely going to be considering this surgery to get rid of the need to do so. However, if your eyes are just starting to degrade, you might want to consider glasses or contacts as a near term solution until you decide whether or not you can live with it.

Overall, LASIK is a generally safe and rewarding corrective eye procedure. The entire procedure has become so efficient that you can get results in as little as 48 hours after it’s done. Along with this, the procedure itself only takes around 20 minutes from start to finish which makes it very convenient. If you are deciding whether or not to get it done, you should speak with a professional eye surgeon about the benefits, risks, and how they apply to you.