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News and Views, Issue #1



News and Views — Issue #1

At Risk: Medical Records

LASIK Surgery Watch was formed in the summer of 2008, following the April 2008 FDA hearing on LASIK complications. Since that time, the organization has established a website and applied for non-profit status. To date, we have concentrated our efforts on the goal of providing information for patients. Our first advocacy initiative addresses the need to retain pre-LASIK medical records.

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Teleconference: Dr. Roger Davis

Dr. Roger Davis will host a teleconference on the “The Diagnosis and Assessment of Psychological Trauma in the Refractive Surgery Patient”. Dr. Davis, a PhD psychologist, is a LASIK complications patient himself and is an advocate for LASIK patients with adverse outcomes. Dr. Davis’s conference call presentation is scheduled for Sunday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

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Teleconference: Dr. Edward Boshnick

Many of our members participated in the first LSW-sponsored conference call with expert post-surgical contact lens fitter Dr. Edward Boshnick. Dr. Boshnick shared his experience working with LASIK patients who experience night vision disturbances. Dr. Boshnick has been able to restore good vision with contact lenses for many of these patients. A recording of this teleconference is available.

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Volunteer Opportunities

While we believe that we have made progress at LSW over the past few months, these efforts are only a beginning. Our future success will depend on the contributions of our members. There are three areas where we seek volunteer assistance:

Editorial: The Blind Spot

Why do LASIK surgeons ignore suffering patients?

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