Different Types of Eye Surgery

Eye surgery, also called ocular surgery, is surgical surgery performed upon the eye, or its posterior parts, usually by a specialist known as an ophthalmological surgeon. The eye is such a delicate organ, and needs utmost care prior, during, and even after a surgery procedure to avoid or minimize further damage to the eye. Complications may result from an eye injury, from the proper use of corrective glasses or contact lenses, or even from simple trauma. The eye requires the utmost care just like any other organ, especially when it is under treatment, because if the wrong treatment is given, then damage can be extensive.

A variety of eye surgery procedures are available, such as lasik surgery (the most common type), refractive surgery ( correcting the problems with vision caused by strabismus or myopia), cataract surgery (correcting the issues with astigmatism), and so on. If you need one of these specific types of surgery, then your doctor might suggest a particular type of procedure, such as an ocular lymphoma removal or cataract surgery. In order to perform any of these specific surgeries, the doctor might examine you, order some tests, and/or ask for further tests in order to give the best results. Some of these tests could include an eye examination, x-rays, blood tests, or a screening. Your eye doctor will decide which surgery procedure will give you the best results, based on a comprehensive eye examination, tests ordered by him/her, your medical history, your current eye problems, etc.

In order to treat your astigmatism, your doctor might recommend surgery. This surgery can either correct your astigmatism completely, or make your vision better than it is now. Your astigmatism was caused by too much corneal tissue, resulting in distorted vision. The surgery can either remove excess corneal tissue, change the shape of your lens to reduce your astigmatism, or alter your contact lenses to correct your astigmatism. Although this article has focused on one form of treatment for astigmatism, these treatments can be used successfully for other forms of astigmatism.