Different Types of Hospital

A hospital is an ordinary health care establishment providing complete patient care with specialized nursing and medical staff involved and equipped with the latest medical and technical equipment. The hospital comprises of an Infirmary, Management, Pneumonurgical, Diagnostic and Radiology departments along with other departments like Surgery, Urinary, ICU and Critical Care. The hospital usually has a separate department for surgery. Most hospitals are built in modernist and well equipped hospitals with fully air conditioned rooms and fully equipped labs.


In-patient: Normally a patient is admitted in a hospital on the day he is examined for his illness or disease. The patients who need intensive care are admitted in ward of nursing and are under the supervision of registered nurses. The nurses’ basic duty is to monitor the patients and take proper care if any complication arises during the course of treatment. However, the patients can also visit other departments like doctors’ chambers and surgical departments during the course of treatment if the need arises. Sometimes, the hospital staffs have to be absent for few days or weeks as they are undergoing some serious procedure that requires a lot of expertise and training.

Out-patient: The out-patient treatment provided by hospitals include general health services like visiting a doctor and complaining about any symptom or disease to him, taking a rest in one’s room, reading newspapers, viewing television programs etc. The patient can also take the support of the social workers, family members and friends in many cases. These facilities are available in almost every hospital in UK and you can check for these facilities from the hospital’s web site.