Eye Health – Why It Is Important to Have Your Eyesight Checked

Your doctor may recommend regular visits to your eye doctor to check your eyesight. Your regular exams will help to detect any problems early on and treat them more effectively. While most minor issues can be treated at home, other serious conditions like glaucoma or cataracts will need treatment. If you are concerned about your vision, it is important to consult with your eye doctor regularly. This will help them determine the best treatment for your specific situation. Here are some common eye diseases and conditions that you should be aware of.

eye health

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include tearing, redness, and pain. In some cases, the symptoms can be severe enough to require medical attention. If you notice redness or a stinging sensation, you may have a virus or an allergic reaction. Bleeding is another symptom. In either case, you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible. However, it is important to avoid the sun when treating eye infections. Keeping your eyes clean will help keep them healthy.

If you have an eye disease in your family, you are more likely to suffer from vision loss. If you have had previous eye diseases, you are more likely to develop this disease as well. Even if you have no symptoms, an annual eye exam can detect any problems before they progress to a more advanced stage. A thorough examination will detect any problems that can impact your vision. For example, you should visit an eye doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms. If you have a family history of eye diseases, you are at a higher risk for developing some of these conditions.