A hospital is an institution that provides complete patient care with specialized nursing and medical staff and various medical devices. They treat severe injuries, diseases and disorders in the intensive care wards and specialized departments. These hospitals have trained and experienced doctors and surgeons along with staff who are fully trained. The staffs of these hospitals are well equipped with all modern facilities to provide the best possible treatment.


These hospitals are run by general practitioners or physicians who work as senior staffs to qualified registered nurses or surgeons. The hospital staff consist of doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and other medical staff. Patients may be admitted in the hospital under the stroke wing, acute care hospital or rehabilitation hospital. There are also some speciality hospitals like the cancer hospital, cardiac hospital, pediatric hospital, gastroenteric hospital, cosmetic hospital, heath care unit, rehabilitation unit, surgery unit, urology unit and psychiatric hospital that may have patients needing special medication and treatment.

General physicians directs the overall functioning of a hospital and reports to a district supervisor or director. The chief hospitalist or head of department usually reports to the chief surgeon general. Hospitalists or hospital specialists have more technical skill and training and directs the hospital’s activities. Hospital physicians, hospital pharmacists, hospital nurses and hospital pharmacists provide direct patient care to discharged patients and physicians who have specific training on the drug related issues and diseases.