What Can Lasik Do To You?

LASIK surgery has produced many positive results in a wide range of vision correction surgeries. This procedure corrects not only farsightedness but also nearsightedness in many cases. It can even correct the problems in astigmatism or nearsightedness in some instances.

lasik surgery

The procedure is also sometimes done to improve vision in people who have very thin corneas that need to be treated. The surgery may be done for these people as well who suffer from astigmatism, or hyperopia. In addition, laser surgery may be done to correct eye defects such as those in the cataract which require surgery. The surgery may also be done to change the shape of the cornea.

Although laser surgery does not correct any deformities of the cornea itself, the surgery may still be done to change the optical correction due to the changes in the cornea. For example, if a person has a chronic astigmatism and wears glasses or contacts, their correction may need to be made from scratch. Lasik surgery may be able to reshape the cornea to correct the problem, thus making their vision better than what it was before. On the other hand, the patient may also desire to remove any excess eye makeup, which sometimes can be corrected through Lasik surgery. Thus, a patient may benefit from the procedure regardless of his/her desire to alter any part of the eye.