Lasik Surgery – A Simple Surgical Procedure For Treating Myopia And Hyperopia

LASIK or Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, commonly known as lasik surgery, is a form of refractive surgery specifically for the treatment of myopia, hyperopic, and astigmatism. It involves the use of a laser tool to reshape and improve the shape of the cornea. The main goal of the surgery is to improve the close vision ability of the patient. As corneal tissue is affected, the eye wears out gradually and is thus replaced by glasses if necessary.

lasik surgery

A patient suffering from myopia or hyperopic should opt for a lasik surgery, which will restore their clear vision. In fact, if myopia is severe, then contact lenses and glasses will be ineffective and even dangerous. Thus, it is important for such patients to find the best remedy for their eyes. If a person suffers from astigmatism, then lasik surgery will be beneficial because the surgical procedure will correct the irregular shape of the cornea. The only downside of this surgical procedure is that after the treatment, the patient may experience dry eyes or headaches, but these are temporary problems. In most cases, they can be treated easily with medicines.

Prior to undergoing lasik surgery, you need to find a qualified eye doctor who is experienced and proficient. Your regular eye exam will help your doctor to decide whether you are suitable for the procedure. Usually, a consultation session is arranged with the eye doctor so that you can discuss about the treatment options. Before opting for a laser eye surgery, you need to understand the treatment options and the possible complications associated with them. Your doctor should also make you aware of the risks involved in the procedure and the complications related to the patient’s overall health. You should never choose lasik surgery without first consulting your doctor.